Rise to the Top of Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization

Preparing your site for search engine spiders (crawling)

There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your site so that the search engines can effectively process and index the information in your site. Possibly the most extensive task is preparing your list of keywords, and the appropriate variations of those words and phrases. We have tools to develop a vast list and place them appropriately throughout your web site. We practice ethical search engine optimization, which means we will not use techniques prohibited by search engines just to temporarily get good placement.

Long-term goals and analysis

Results don't come overnight with SEO. It is an on-going task with tweaks and enhancement to your site to achieve the desired goal which is a high organic listing on search engines. "Organic" refers to non-paid listings on search engines, in contrast to pay-per-click, where you pay for positioning.

External Sources

Another major factor is where Google, Yahoo!, MSN (or other search engines) display your web site in relation to your competition is external sources, which refers to links to your site from other applicable sites, such as directory listings and sites in the same general industry as yours. We take on this daunting task of link building to raise your ranking, which is vital for making your site appear more valuable to search engines.


IDN will provide you with reports periodically on the placement of your listing related to your search terms. From that information, we can decide on adjustments to our strategy.

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