Outlook Search Index Problem?

Outlook Search Indexing Fix

I've been dealing with this indexing issue in Outlook search for months. Did a re-install of Office, re-install of Vista, repair of Office, and even ran the ScanPST.exe file. Everything fixes the search from that point BACKWARD, but going forward, new stuff doesn't get indexed.

So I learned I have support on Office. Talked to India, and actually found the resolution. From the TOOLS menu, choose INSTANT SEARCH > SEARCH OPTIONS. Under "Indexing" UN-Check "Personal Folders" and "Archive Folders". Exit Outlook and re-start Outlook.

It seems to me that this sets it back to the way search used to be before 07... it will search slower, but at least the results are accurate. If it doesn't return results right away, just give it a minute, and it will speed up after a few searches.