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A unique custom database we've developed is for a massage therapy practice. This fully-functional database provides them with a patient database, therapist scheduling and payroll completely integrated into one application. Since this is an on-line database, it supports multiple locations. In other words, a patient that is in the database can go to another office without having a separate record. A good high-speed internet connection is required -- both sites access the same password-protected database.

These are samples of what we have done, but the possibilities are virtually endless on what can be done for you!


To access the database, from any web browser go to the login page:


The patients/clients are entered here...

...and their history can be obtained here:


If your practice accepts insurance, this application will support that too.



To schedule an appointment, simply select the patient, select the duration of the appointment and click on an available slot; the appointment will be inserted into the grid.

You can manage payments and no-shows from the grid as well.


In addition, a list can be generated showing appointments scheduled for the following day, providing reminder calls with a record. There is an availability of email reminders too. No more patients forgetting about appointments!



For the grid to know availability of the therapist, the database needs to know when each therapist is working. That is input here, providing the organization with a fully-functional working staff schedule.



Since all the payment information is in the database, it only makes sense to prepare payroll from this system. With a click of a button, this report generates, indicating payment amounts based on per-unit payments. If you pay per hour, that can be enabled as well. Tips supported.

Individual Therapist Report:


All Therapist Report:


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