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CarWatch Consolidated© is an application that extracts each transaction out of DRB's CarWatch, and posts them into a database. Once saved in the database, anything can be done with the data, such as an end-of-day dashboard, or transaction searching, all-sites inclusive!

These are samples of what we have done, but the possibilities are virtually endless on what can be done for you!


1) We take the data from here, CarWatch....

...and parse it to a database that's hosted on the internet with this custom application... the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a password via an internet browser.



To access this data, the car wash owner logs in here...

...and is taken to this page. There are many options from the menu on the left: the main categories are Maintenance, Manager Data, CarWatch Consolidated, and CSA (Service Advisor, Greeter). There are sub-heading for each, which we will cover as we go through this tour.

The item in the CarWatch Consolidated node is the "Cars & Labor Summary." This is simply a listing of the total cars (smudged out) and labor dollars. However, since the CarWatch transactions are merged in one-by-one with complete detail, a custom report with any information can be designed, as you'll see below.

Here you'll see how we can search by license plate, assuming you enter a plate into transactions.

Below is the Transaction Search page. This allows the user to select any items that is in their item table to search upon. Here we've entered the date range of 08/01/08 through 08/08/08 for location JX8 (multiple locations can be selected). We've chosen transactions that include a full-service wash and a Rain-X.

And finally, an example of the most powerful aspect of consolidating all the data into one place: a single report, available soon after the close of business for the day, showing all your locations stats in any format you need to see them. This report is for a day with very little business to protect the privacy of the participating car wash.



A separate module of CarWatch Consolidated is the CSA Bonus Summary (Customer Service Advisor, aka greeter). Some operators refer to this as commissions.

This report pulls the data from the database to report commissions payable based on criteria you define.

The Ranking Report shows a Service Advisor's status in relation to the other service advisors in the company, and in relation to his previous status.

Any other statistical reports can easily be complied to meet your specific needs. Call us to discuss.

DRB and CarWatch are registered trademarks of DRB Systems, Inc.

TOUR MENU › CarWatch Consolidated | Maintenance Database | Manager Page/Intranet | Chemical Usage Database | Customer Comments Database