Data The Way You Need It

Custom Web-Based Database Design & Programming


The Method - Database Creation

Innovative DataNet specializes in creating a customized database designed for your individual business requirements. We learn your business, and provide recommendations to meet your goals. We then present these recommendations to you, and together we decide the best course of action.

"Web-based" means no software to purchase or install

We develop our databases in MySQL, a very common open-source programming language. This is where the data is stored. To access that data, we use PHP, another open-source programming language. There is no costs in obtaining these languages

How you access the data

Very simply, in a web browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari. So in essence, any computer with an internet connection. The database is stored on a web-server, and using an encrypted connection, you enter your username and password to access the reports that compile your data and present it as useful information.


Once we have data in the MySQL database, we can organize it in absolutely any way you want it displayed. Only authorized users can access these reports. You can even assign specific rights to different users.


For sensitive data, we will set up your database on an SSL. This encrypts the data so if intercepted, it is unreadable.

Tour: Databases and Applications for Car Washes

Designed by a car washer, see a slew of custom applications and databases designed specifically to help the car wash operator streamline administration, monitor revenue and control expenses. Take the tour of our car wash databases and custom applications.


Tour: Databases and Applications For Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, or Counselor Practices

We have designed and developed a custom application to run a multi-site massage therapy practice. This can be custom-tailored to any office that sees patients or clients. Take the tour of our massage therapy custom application.