Useful Free Tools

Free Tools for Your Computer


Internet Speed Test

Test your internet download and upload speed.

Comcast Speed Test:


Verizon Speed Test:

Virus Protection

AVG offers free anti-virus software or a paid internet security suite.


Ping Test

Ping your website from a large variety of different locations



Run 16-bit & 32-bit applications in 64-bit environments, like Windows 7 64-bit.
I use this program every day for my old DOS stuff, and it's free! But you can donate to the author if you wish


Classic Shell

This fantastic tool takes the Windows 7 Start Menu, and sets it aside so you can customize the Start Menu like you did in earlier versions of Windows. But this author was very smart about it; if you still want to use the Windows 7 Start Menu, just press the SHIFT button when you click on the Start Button and you'll see the stanadard Start Menu. Also free, but donations accepted.