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Our Experience

With twenty-five years in the carwash industry, IDN owner Jason Milen has the knowledge of the car wash industry, as well as more than seven years in the computer industry. The marriage of these two industries makes IDN the perfect solution for your I.T. needs, whether it be providing you with these services independently, or working with your I.T. department.

Search Engine Optimization for Car Washes and Automotive Detailing

Considering our experience, we are the right choice in attaining high results in search engines. SEO is very much about keywords, and we know what works. Additionally, it is about external links, and we have an extensive list of sites that may link to you, resulting in a higher rank with the search engines.

Search Engine Marketing for Car Washes and Automotive Detailing

Talk to us about building a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to get fast results.

DRB SiteWatch® custom reports

Custom reports for SiteWatch® can be accessed by any web browser to provide the authorized user with any data desired. Tell us what data you want to see, and we'll create it.

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The bulk of our expertise is in designing and developing custom web-based databases for car washes. If if can be done, we can develop it. Some custom applications we have developed are (these are all part of an Intranet):

  1. CarWatch® Consolidated: takes DOS point-of-sale data, merges it automatically into an internet-hosted database daily, providing access to compiled reports of all locations' stats.

      a. Reports can be designed to meet any formatting specifications, accessed from any web browser securely, and can be run for any date range with just a few clicks.

      b. Transaction Search allows a search based on any criteria the user selects.

      c. License Plate Search to find a specific customer within a specific date range.

      d. Service Advisor Database to effectively track extra service sales, service advisor rankings, or any custom report not offered by CarWatch.

  2. Damage Database to track all damage claims, and organize the reports so they can be analyzed shedding light on patterns.
  3. Customer Comment Database to track comments by customers. All comments are replied to via email, where a certificate for a return visit is included with controls to prevent re-use. In addition, the comments are compiled for reporting to identify trends. We all know it's far less expensive to keep an existing customer then to get a new one.
  4. Chemical Usage Database to monitor wash supplies on a cost per car basis. As with all of our other databases, this is controlled centrally so that supply prices are consistent and accurate.
  5. Task List allows a car wash operator or regional manager to assign tasks to a specific location or set up locations, and be notified via email if the task is not completed by the due date.
  6. Maintenance Database tracks all repairs that take place within your facilities, as well as costs, down-time, and who it was repaired by.

    Click here for a tour of our databases and applications.
For sensitive data, we will set up your database on an SSL. This encrypts the data so if intercepted, it is unreadable.